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“anniva” – Ristorante | Pizzeria | Café | Bar

Italian flair in the Salzburg region

In selecting the name “anniva” for our restaurant, we are going back to our roots. It is believed that the name “Anif” is Celtic-Illyrian in origin and dates from the year 788. In those times, the settlement was known as “anniva”.


... your breakfast with the morning sun in our solarium or on the terrace

... your delicious Mediterranean dinner, which we would be happy to serve you in “anniva” or on the terrace or in the solarium, depending on the weather

... invite your business partners to anniva – our “Salon Anif” and “Watzmannstube” adjoining rooms are perfect for small companies and undisturbed business meals.

INFORMATION:  Sunday day off from Oktober to March!

During the wintermonths, from September to the end of March, the Restaurant "Anniva" will be closed on Sundays.
Exception:  29th of December 2019

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